The fan creates praises that show how Kylian Mbappe would perform on the Liverpool squad

Kylian Mbappe would work in the Liverpool system according to a football fan, who created a compilation mixing the highlights of the Premier League squad with the striker to prove it.

Mbappe’s future at PSG is not yet resolved. The French striker’s contract expires at the end of next season and, unlike teammate Neymar, has not yet signed a new deal.

The World Cup winner has had extensive contact with Real Madrid in the past, but Liverpool was the other side that could be linked to his future.

According to Le Parisien, the 22-year-old can “see himself in Liverpool” which would surely be a hell of an Anfield club boost.

One fan compiled a summary of what he might look like on the field, showing that Mbappe is in some good positions that the Reds often play.

Currently, Mbappe may be leaving for free at the end of next season and the report states that while the club wants him to sign until 2025, he only wants a 12-month extension and is allowed to leave for a while of money next year. summer.

The Ligue 1 champions, who need Lille to lose points on Sunday on the final day of the season to defend their title, should consider selling them this summer or losing on a free kick.

Liverpool need to make sure they don’t lose points on the same day at Crystal Palace to be guaranteed a top-four finish, although Jurgen Klopp recently suggested his side won’t sign Mbappe even if they are reach the Champions League next season.

“Not playing in the Champions League doesn’t help, of course, but it’s not our biggest problem because the market is going to get really weird,” the former Borussia Dortmund manager warned.

“I’ve heard a lot about money moves – Kylian Mbappe goes or not, [Erling] Haaland, [Jadon] Sancho – I don’t see that happening because the world of football isn’t in the same place as it is’ the front.

We’ll see how the market develops, but it certainly won’t be a forecast market.

“If we don’t go to the Champions it’s not good but there’s still a chance and as long as we have an opportunity we shouldn’t talk about it as if we didn’t have a chance. And if it doesn’t, then we have to face. ”

With 39 goals in 44 appearances this season, the former Monaco striker would clearly improve on a Liverpool team whose only medal this season would be the Chwarae Teg award.

They fell 17 points behind leaders Manchester City, after leading by many last season, and if Pep Guardiola’s team signs Harry Kane they may need a miracle to get back to parity, or at least Mbappe!

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