Strangely Thomas Tuchel introduces “Football Curling” to Chelsea’s pre-match training

Thomas Tuchel did his best to keep his Chelsea players at ease before the Champions League final by imitating some curls in the form of curling eerily during player passing drills.

The German boss made reference to specialist sports curling from the Winter Olympics – where teams quickly sweep a sweep under a large stone to make it travel faster and drier on the ice – as his team from Chelsea try to complete a difficult challenge by overtaking Porto field, in light of the clash with Manchester City.

As there was no pass, Tuchel bent over with the pole he was holding and mocked wildly as he scoured the field.

It certainly made the Chelsea team laugh, especially goalkeeper Edouard Mendy (though he may have been laugh-we-laugh-at-the-boss-even-if-we-didn’t-get-the-joke ‘.

We actually didn’t realize that curling was such a popular pastime in Germany. Scottish sports are a big deal in Canada and several other colder climate countries.

It involves sliding a granite stone through the ice to a target, and the competitor who released the stone can shout “sweep!” to encourage their coworkers to brighten the path if they want the stone to travel a little further before stopping.

As Chelsea boss Tuchel is obviously too aware.

The 47-year-old is clearly determined to create a cheerful and reckless atmosphere around the pitch ahead of City’s decisive match.

The day before starting Saturday night, Tuchel was filmed doing what appeared to be an impression of Pep Guardiola on the balcony of his hotel for the amusement of his coaching staff.

So far are the editions of curling and Pep. It’s sure to be a live jazz flute solo and magic show as Tuchel shows us all his many skills before kick-off.

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