Sheffield United’s John Fleck appears to stamp on the face of Tottenham’s Giovani Lo Celso – But Escape from VAR Penalty

Sheffield United’s John Fleck appeared on Tottenham’s Giovani Lo Celso on Sunday but managed to escape the VAR penalty.

As the pair clashed for ball moments in the second half at White Hart Lane, the Spurs man fell to the ground.

Midfielder Blades then left his right hand on the Argentine face, which was left screaming in pain.

Replays showed that Fleck held Lo Celso in the head with the boot. Depending on the team you support, it was either completely accidental or very bad.

The VAR reviewed it, but decided it wasn’t intentional and – amazingly – there were no after-effects for Fleck.

To add fuel to the fire, VAR dismissed an effort by Son Heung-min to resist.

Spurs won the 4-0 match against the already downgraded Blades. Gareth Bale scored a hat-trick and Son added a late fourth.

Meanwhile, VAR has competed more negatively from Tottenham rivals Arsenal than any other Premier League team this season.

ESPN FC’s Dale Johnson did a thorough review of this season’s top-flight VAR stats revealing that only two goals have been overturned so far in favor of the Gunners, the lowest of all.

Arsenal are also second in the standings in overturning opposition decisions.

Nine times the Gunners have seen a decision overturned in their favor, second only to Liverpool.

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