Roozi Rozegari Merikh Series

Roozi Roozegari Merikh Iranian Serial

Roozi Roozegari Merikh Serial (سریال روزی روزگاری مریخ) is a comedy, science fiction and family series co-directed by Peyman Qasim Khani and Mohsen Chegini on the Home Show Network produced in 1400, which was released in 1401; The script of this series was written by Peyman Ghasem Khani and it was produced by Mohsen Chegini. In the summary of the story of the Once Upon a Time Mars series, it is stated: “We are in a time when all beings from different planets travel to Mars… How about you?”; This series was originally supposed to be published under the title “Mars”, but later this title was changed to “Once upon a time Mars”.

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