Nargil Iranian Series

Nargil Series

Nargil (سریال نارگیل) is the title of one of the newest series of the home show network, which after a long time and on the eve of the autumn season, has filled 1400 vacancies of the series for children and teenagers in the showcase of home series; The series Nargil has two directors, each of whom, beyond the role of a director, played a key role in the birth of Nargil; One is Seyed Ebrahim Amerian, a producer who in recent years, along with Seyed Massoud Atyabi, has made a significant contribution to the box office and released best-selling films such as Texas and Dynamite, and the other is Hamzeh Salehi, who as a screenwriter, both in the film project and in the version. The Nargil series has had the important task of designing situations and creating characters in this fictional world; The series Nargil is a fantasy narrative of an old legend, the summary of the official story of which is written by Hamzeh Salehi: “Haleh makes a big mistake and her parents are captured by the spell; To save his parents, he must go on a magical journey with his brothers and three dolls named Nargil, Lengeh and Liwe;

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