Mardome Mamooli Serial

Mardome Mamooli Iranian Serial

Mardome Mamooli Series (سریال ایرانی مردم معمولی) is a comedy series for the home theater network directed and produced by Rambod Javan, which is rumored to be produced and broadcast in 100 episodes in four seasons; This series will be produced simultaneously with the seventh season of Khondavaneh and its pre-production stages have been completed; In Mardome Mamooli, we are faced with a busy and full of actors work, and only one of its characters is an Afghan couple who, unlike the show that has been made of Afghans on our television and cinema, this couple is present in an gallery cafe as an intellectual, and Kelly Interesting and funny things happen to them and the people who come to this place, which will be the spice of this program; Rambod Javan had not previously produced another project in parallel with Khondavaneh

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