Malakeye Gedayan Series

Malakeye Gedayan 2

Malakeye Gedayan S2 (فصل دوم ملکه گدایان) is the second series of Hossein Soheilizadeh in the home theater network; Produced by Rahman Seifi Azad, Nebras Pictures and Ali Tolouei, produced in 1399; Hamed Afzali and Amin Mahmoudi wrote the script and it is published weekly on Wednesdays on the Friends website; Parts of the series were filmed in Istanbul, Turkey; The music for the title track of this series is also composed by Roozbeh Bemani, which is the opening music for the title called Gol-e-Najdi and the music for the final title is called Alaj; Mohammad Reza Ghaffari also sang a few songs for this series while playing in this series, which was performed with the character of Aria Derakhshan in the series.

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