Khaen Koshi Serial

Khaen Koshi Series

Khaen koshi (سریال خائن کشی) is an Iranian serial directed and written by Masoud Kimiaei and produced by Ali Oji. Khaen Keshi series is one of the films that made it to the 40th Fajr Film Festival. The story of the movie is about a group that wants to rob the National Bank. Mehdi, Shahrokh, Gio, Atlas and others are apparent bank robbers. But they want this money for Mossadegh’s national loan. Mosadegh insists on this issue that Iran’s oil should be nationalized. On the other hand, the leader of this group is a lover of a woman, but in the clashes with the police in front of the bank, she was shot and the rest ran away.

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