Jazire Series

Jazire Iranian Series

Jazireh Serial (سریال جزیره) is a social, drama and family series directed by Sirus Moghadam on the Home Theater Network, produced in 1400, co-produced by Manouchehr Mohammadi and Amir Hossein Heidari; Cyrus Moghadam, a director with a TV background who has made popular TV series such as Paytakht, which was designed and played by Mohsen Tanabandeh in six seasons in the 90s, has been made for television.

Story: Sahra, a daring journalist who has failed and been humiliated in love, makes adventurous decisions in pursuit of equality with Arshang Shahang, his lover from a noble and wealthy family, and enters into a complex business relationship that fundamentally changes his life and that of Shahang’s family.

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