fofo mosaferi az kamado serial

Fofo Mosaferi Az Kamado

The series Fofo Masafari Az Kamado (سریال فوفو مسافری از کامادو) tells the story of Fofo entering the house of Dr. Qalagorche, who after entering this house causes the residents of the apartment to face interesting problems…
Fufo Musafari series from Kamado, produced in 1401 in Iran, directed by Maysham Mearaji, this series is the first directing experience of Meisham Mearaji, both in the home show network and his other works. so far, he has not directed any movies or series and he has mostly appeared in movies as an advertising manager, and his last appearance in the cinema is the movie Baziovu, which is also similar to the series Fufu Masafari by Kamado in the children’s genre. And the teenager was shown.

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