Chidemaneh Series

Chidemane Serial

The Chidemaneh series (سریال چیدمانه) is a reality show, game show and competition series directed by Iraj Taifeh, written by Rahim Behbodhifar and produced by Seyed Javad Hashemi, which was published in the summer of 1402; Chidmaneh reality show hosted by Leila Otadi and artist Mojtaba Shafii and many popular artists of television, cinema and social networks is published on the home show network; Arrangement is a fun program with the participation of popular artists in the form of a competition with the aim of arranging the interior of the house; With the aim of supporting businesses and improving the level of society’s knowledge in the field of interior decoration, the cultural and artistic institute of the Islamic Center of Fine Arts has designed a large arrangement competition as the first interior design and home decoration competition in Iran, and in this way, it has cooperated towards Producers and suppliers of high-quality goods, while building an attractive and audience-friendly collection, move in the direction of improving the audience’s taste in home design and personal spaces, and take a small step towards the country’s economic prosperity in the current difficult situation.

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