Aghrabe Ashegh Series

Aghrabe Ashegh Serial

Aqrabe Ashegh (سریال عقرب عاشق) is a fantasy and romance series with special special effects that is produced by “Reza Mohaghegh” and directed by “Hossein Soheilizadeh” and Amin Mahmoudi and Hamed Afzali are the authors of this series. The story of this series begins when Behdad, the main character of the story, dies and everything ends by putting him in the morgue, but after a while he appears in the streets of Tehran and is looking for blood! blood for scorpion
The subject of Akrab Ashagheg series is about bad social habits such as envy and… and is taken from the novel Akrab and Pravaneh.
The singer of the teaser of Akrab Ashegh series is Mohsen Chavoshi, and the authors of this fictional romantic series are Hamed Afzali and Amin Mahmoudi.

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