“Under the Low Light” is a film in the family-social genre written and directed by “Mohammad Parvizi” and produced by “Ehsan Rasulov” and produced in Iran in 1399. Prominent actors of Iranian cinema such as “Saber Abar”, “Leila Zare”, “Hamidreza Azarang” and “Behnaz Jafari” have played roles in this film. Zir Noor Kam, which is Mohammad Parvizi’s first experience as a director, has a story with a social theme. “I do not get rid of people who have left my life (to this day). I can not leave them anywhere, because they come back in different forms and combine with the good moments of my life. This entanglement is sometimes shocking. Someone arrives nodded and comes around the table, which should not be. I have been with them somewhere for hours or days. “That’s when my life turns upside down. Because where I am, it either has to be dark or it’s bright. I’m afraid to stay ‘under low light.’

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