Zire Saghfe Doodi Ast 2

2017110 min

The movie Smoky Roof: Shirin, who gradually has problems in family life with her child and her husband, seeks to find a way to connect with them, which fails and leads to a crisis. His re-attempt to get out of this crisis presents him with a new challenge. The film is the story of the life of a family in the affluent class of society, which has been oppressed and degraded due to the economic pressures of the society, but this is only a platform to portray the cold relationship between the members of this family, which is drowning in financial problems. . The man of the family, who is going bankrupt, has been cut off from his relationship and emotional life with his sweet wife for years, an emotional divorce without consciously realizing this problem, because in parallel with his real life, he has a secret relationship with a young woman. Which satisfies his emotional needs and provides him with relative and apparent comfort and peace of mind…

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