In the summary of the story of the banquet, before the Islamic Revolution, the high school is closed. The seven students will make an appointment in the next few years. After the Islamic Revolution, those who have now found a specific job and life, come to visit. One of them, who is a lawyer, will not be present. He is involved in representing a large company, which creates a problem for him and he has to hide. Newly gathered friends get together again and decide to go to the aid of their friend, and… About the director: Masoud Kimiaei is an Iranian film and television writer. He was born in 1320. Among the most important works of Masoud Kimiaei are his activities in the film “Kaiser”, the film “Domestic Killer” and the film “Deer”. Masoud Kimiaei started his career in cinema and in 1347, at the age of 27, he worked as a director in the film Alien Come. …

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