Wound movie: Wound movie: It is about a complex robbery case in which hackers are also involved and it is concluded by a police workshop. The TV movie “Wounded” from the series of police films directed by “Mohammad Hamzaei” and produced by “Ahmad Zali” went on the air of Se Sima on Thursday, November 22nd, on the occasion of the week of the police force. “Wound of Work” tells the story of a complex robbery case in which hackers are also involved. Wound Director: Mohammad Hamzei, Producer: Ahmad Zali, Writer: Hamid Reza Bababigi, Planner and Assistant: Iman Ghairatmand, Assistant Planner: Bita Taghipour, Assistant 2: Hossein Mashali, Stage Secretary: Rana Behrokh, Photographer Arsha Aghighi, Author: Hamidreza Baba Beigi, Director of Photography: Sajjad Heidari Assistant 1: Soheil Khabazzadeh, Photographer: Hossein Khatibi, Assistant Photographer: Iman Sarlak, Assistant Photographer: Sara Molaverdi, Director of Recording: Yas Ramezani, Assistant: Mohammad Ansari, Makeup Designer: Ehsan Ronasi, Moderator:

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