Zadboom: The story of the film is about a family whose members are busy somewhere in the world. Bijan Amiri (Massoud Raegan) is the vice president of a presidential candidate who is on the verge of victory. His wife, Maryam (Roya Teymourian), is a biologist who researches sea turtles in Qeshm and returns to their hometowns 30 years after birth to try to prevent their extinction by the people of Qeshm. He left her because of his wife’s infidelity to her, but did not divorce her because of their children. Their son Amir Ali (Bahram Radan) is studying in Germany and with the help of the grandson of a professor who gave a license plate for Qeshm turtles thirty years ago (Ulrike Cargus), they try to help Maryam so that the turtle generation does not disappear. Their daughter Sara (Pegah Ahangrani) lives in Dubai with her husband (Mehdi Selouki), who is about to separate from her husband and wants to immigrate to Canada with the help of her father.

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