Who’s killed Amir:: Amir’s burnt car is found at the bottom of the Chalous Road valley with his burnt body. His wife Ziba Zibadoust, his partner Akbar, his 4 adopted daughters Asal, their family psychiatrist Dr. Kambiz Motlagh, his friend and colleague and colleague Hamid, his childhood friend and his neighborhood, and his concubine Marjan, after expressing regret over this incident, talk about Amir and their relationship with him say. Gradually, their words reveal something beyond the appearance of the case, and it becomes clear that all of them, without informing each other, have plotted and carried out the assassination of Amir. But as a result of an incident, ‌ Amir survived. Tired of his surroundings, he has long wanted to leave everything and go somewhere away from people and his daily life and be alone with himself.

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