The story of the film is about a young composer who is in love with a girl but the girl is from a religious family and their family has different intellectual differences. With the entry of the third person in the music class, problems arise for them and 2 violin movies directed by Mohammad Reza Mumtaz have been produced in drama 4 years ago, in 2016. In violin, actors such as Mirtaher Mazloumi, Hossein Mehri, Maryam Shahouli and Afsaneh Fattahi They have played roles and acting. In the film Violin, about 4 actors are in front of the camera, which in terms of the number of actors can be considered a low-impact work with a small number of fictional characters. Violin film is similar to different works in terms of structure (form), content and production environment. According to various characteristics, it can be said that the related works of the violin film are: the yellow film, the film The Midday Story, the film Unfinished Lights, the film John to the Auction and the film The Beginning of an End.

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