Tornado 2 “Tornado” with the theme of children and teenagers tells the story of a professor who has managed to build a restaurant. The restaurant that eventually turns into a spaceship. Now, with the arrival of four teenagers in the story and with their mischief, this spaceship will fly a little earlier. The ship finally goes into space and lands in an unknown land. After the release of this film, the press conference of “Torna 2” with the presence of Seyed Javad Hashemi, writer and director, Mohammad Mehdi Irani, Rastin Azizpour, Negar Nafez and Amir Reza Ahmadi, actors, also Jafar Goodarzi, a critic, was held, and Hashemi said in this meeting about the three-layer nature of “Torna 2”: “In the top layer of this film, children enjoy, are educated and educated.” In the second layer, we tried to use nostalgic music to attract families to bring their children to the cinema to see the film, and in the deeper layer, we wanted to talk and say that fighting, fighting and lying are not good.

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