In the summary of the gift story of India, Hassan, because of unemployment, commits even stealing until his uncle finds him several different jobs, but Hassan does not last long until Hassan finally works as a student in Haji’s room and in the same When he becomes interested in Mr. Farangis, Mr. Zamani, Haji’s neighbor. Due to Hassan’s cleverness, Haji offers him to import 10 tons of tea from India so that the teas are imported in Hassan’s name but the profit is halved. Among the most important works of Mohammad Reza Zehtabi, we can mention the director of the series Samieh, the series The Devil in the House and the series of the adventures of Mr. Meshka Anbari. He started his career in television and in 1991 he worked as a director in the series Nejat 123. Although the success of this work was not more than his next landmark works such as the series Samieh, but it is a good experience for Mohammad Reza Zehtabi and he experienced collaboration with artists such as Neda Arjenfar, Fereydoun Bozia, Homa Meshkin and Mohammad Reza Goodarzi. He also spent a lot of time in the field of cinema and television in 2007 and has been involved in the production of important works. Mohammad Reza Zehtabi’s important work this year is his activity in the series Samieh as a director. Perhaps one of the most important parts of Mohammad Reza Zehtabi’s biography has been his work in the series Samieh. In 2007, Mohammad Reza Zehtabi directed the series Samieh, which was able to present itself among the people of the television space. Mohammad Reza Zehtabi has been quoted as saying that he has expressed his satisfaction for directing in the series Samieh and his collaboration with agents and actors.

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