Suraya M stoning The story begins when a French journalist travels to a village and gives his car to Hashem, a village mechanic, to repair. Stopping a French journalist in the village is an opportunity for him to face a horrific story; A woman named Zahra, as soon as she sees the journalist, invites her to her house and asks her to follow in her footsteps. From this point, Soraya M’s stoning film enters a flashback and the story is told in the past, and Zahra’s niece “Soraya” is at the center of this story. Soraya’s husband, who is a prison guard, intends to remarry, but because he is unable to pay for both wives, he proposes to Soraya. When Soraya demands her rights, she does not accept the man and colludes with Kadkhoda and Rouhani. Soraya is sent to Hashem’s house for a bully, a man who has lost his wife and lives with his deaf child, and these characteristics provide the opportunity for Soraya to be accused of having a relationship with Hashem. Suraya’s husband, with the help of Kadkhoda and Mullah Deh, accuses the innocent woman of leading to the stoning of Soraya.

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