In the story of Texas 2, after the adventures of the first part of Texas, Sasan returns to Iran with Bahram and Alice. Bahram Agha Babak’s father and Sasan Suri Joon’s mother follow them, but Sasan does not know that they are a couple. With a new mistake, Bahram puts his dollars in the suitcase, the suitcase is moved, Carlos’s people come to them and Sasan and Bahram enter new adventures again… About the Director: Seyed Massoud Atyabi is the director of Iranian cinema and television. Among the most important works of Seyed Massoud Atyabi are the direction of Texas, War Rooster and Improve Your Morality. He started his career in cinema and in 2006 he worked as a director in the film The Misses. Although the success of this work was not more than his next landmark works such as the Texas film, but it is a good experience for Seyed Massoud Atyabi and he collaborated with artists such as Behnoosh Tabatabai, Mehdi Pakdel, Pouria Poursorkh and Behzad Farahani. He also spent a lot of time in the field of cinema and television in 1396 and has been involved in the production of important works. He appeared in two important cinema films this year and introduced himself to the community of artists. Seyed Massoud Atyabi’s important works this year are his work in the Texas film as a director and his work in the film What Do I Want Here as a director.

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