At the end of a night party, the lives of four boys and girls turn to strangers. Excitement… Pranks Jokes and play games were made to take advantage of their perennial complexities. Joke to the point of madness. Any Conditions Except Death تی “Take Off” is a neutral film that could have been much better, but it is so neutral that you will probably leave half of the film half-empty, and this is in favor of a film that is more in the independent field of Iranian cinema and a good filmmaker. He is also persecuted. But the truth is that “Take Off” fails to attract the audience and engage them in the story. Ehsan Abdipour, after several completely independent experiences of “pop” and “alone alone”, this time went to a few failed young people and told the story of small dreams and old complexes and their dangerous and destructive games in “Take Off” which was originally scheduled. It is narrated that it should be made under the name of “Oh, O Abdul Halim”. The story of Abdolipour takes place in Bushehr like the previous two works, and in addition to local actors, Mostafa Zamani, Pegah Ahangrani and Reza Yazdani also play roles in this film, which is one of the most important weaknesses of these films. …

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