Forever is a social film written by “Omid Amin Negarshi” and “Amir Hossein Davatgar” and directed by “Omid Amin Negarshi” and produced by Iranian cinema in 1398. Prominent actors in this film include: “Mohsen Kiai”, “Milad Ki Maram”, “Mehrdad Sedighiyan”, “Behrang Alavi” and “Terlan Parvaneh”. Forever, it tells an old story in a novel style and context for the audience. The story of the film revolves around usury and its decline and impact on life, and as it ultimately shows the audience; “Money has two forms for us, either it kisses us or it kills us…” One of the most important works of Omidamin Negarshi can be mentioned in his activity in the film Lonely Swamp, the film of Ashgolans. Omidamin Negarshi spent a period of hard work in the field of cinema and television in 2005 and has been involved in the production of important works. Actors in Milad Ki Maram, Mohsen Kiai, Mehrdad Sedighiyan, Behrang Alavi, Terlan Parvaneh, Helia Raji, Hassan Khan Mohammadpour

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