Cyrus Zand is a young movie superstar whose success and fame have made him a proud, fun-loving and corrupt man. On the set of one of his films, a teenage girl tries to get close to him, and Cyrus takes the girl, who introduces herself as a huge abandonment, to her house. Raha claims that Cyrus’ daughter is one of the first women in his life – Mahnaz; When he met Mahnaz at the age of sixteen. But Cyrus denies it, saying that he and Mahnaz aborted their unwanted child in the same years. Raha also says that her mother claimed an abortion to satisfy and relieve Cyrus, but in fact kept her child. Cyrus is constantly in conflict with the women around him, and his mother, a woman of traditional morality, rebukes him for this kind of life. Shahla is one of these women; A richer and older woman who spends money on him, but when confronted with Cyrus’ negligence and betrayal, executes one of his debt checks and causes Cyrus to run away from home. At the same time, he is involved with Raha, who blames him for his lifestyle. Eventually, due to Cyrus’ sharp blow, Raha leaves him. Cyrus goes to search with the addresses he has, but…

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