Synopsis: It narrates the life of Haleh and Kayhan, who are forced to live together for a few days with one of their old university friends, Hamid, and his wife, Saba, and during this coexistence, they find out about each other… The story of a couple who arrive The short-lived lives of another couple create a situation in which the secrets of the past and their impact on the critical relationship of the present are expanded, leading to a finale that is a temporary stabilizing point for the storytelling tour in the world of drama. The cold and soulless life of Haleh (Behdakht Valian) and Kayhan (Milad Kiomram) fluctuates with the arrival of Saba (Mahdokht Molaei) and Hamid (Amir Bahador Orei). The crisis that intensifies based on the friendship of the host couple with Hamid during their student years and develops with the gradual unveiling of this love triangle. But this is not the whole story, because the past secrets of these four people, which are sometimes unrelated to each other, are so intertwined in the world of fairy tales that the tension between them intensifies every moment. From a vase of flowers at the breakfast table to a telephone conversation add to the tension of a forced and short-term relationship between the two, to the point where each begins to expose the other to protect their interests. Actors: Behdakht Valian, Amir Bahador Orei, Mahdokht Molaei and Milad Kiomram

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