Soteh Delan: Habib Agha Zarofchi (Jamshid Mashayekhi) is a well-known businessman who did not marry Piraneh and dedicated his life to his mother (Roghayeh Chehreh Azad) and his half-brother Majid (Behrouz Vosoughi). His other brother Karim (Saeed Nikpour) is an open bird with his wife Zinat Sadat (Atash Khair) and Forough Al-Zaman (Fakhri Khorvash) who have been living with Habib Agha for many years. Majid, who has no common sense and works in Habib Agha’s shop and takes the rental utensils to the mourning and rejoicing house, is a heartbroken girl who saw his picture in the window of a house photographer. Habib Agha takes him to Imamzadeh Davood in the hope of recovery. After a while, Majid falls in love with a cinema ticket again and runs away from home. Habib Agha finds him and, on the advice of a relative of the drug dealer, decides to put a woman next to him so that he may be effective in improving Majid’s mental state.

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