Amir (played by Amir Jafari) is committing suicide in the subway, but Sophie (played by Afrid Ghagharian) forbids him to do so by asking a question. With fictional stories about her life, Sophie intends to get the thought of suicide out of Amir’s head. Unaware that Amir also narrates only fantasies about his life to Sophie. Sophie invites Amir for a day trip and… “Mehdi Karampour” is used to making a difference and in this way he has sometimes been successful and sometimes he has ruined the work. The director’s film “Sophie and the Mad” was made after several years of interruption in his filmmaking, and during the production of the film, many words and sayings were made behind it, from the selection of actors to the production process and the special style that some called Karampour He has made a romantic film with a philosophical flavor and has transformed Iranian cinema.

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