Mani goes to the side road without knowing what fate awaits him گران Actors: Amirreza Delavari, Maral Farjad, Erfan Akbari, Saeed Bazmipour and Shahrokh Estakhri Other actors in the film are the host: Ava Namai Cultural and Artistic Institute of Iran, Advisor to the director: Abdolreza Akbari, Author: Pendar Akbari, Farzaneh Soheili, Stage Secretary: Ghazal Rashidi, Costume Designer: Kiarash Ghavamzadeh, Design Consultant: Mohammad Reza Mirza Mohammadi, Costume Assistant: Mahboubeh Khoshk Daman, Recording Director: Ali Kian Arsi, Composer: Pedram Azad, Makeup Designer: Hadi Qalikhani, Makeup Assistant: Atefeh Roozbeh Tehrani, Cinematographer: Mohammad Reza Asghari, Cinematography: Mohammad Hossein Malek Mohammadi, Ehsan Tabatabai, Mohammad Mehrvarz, Programming Director and Assistant Director: Noushin Tahmasebi, Second Assistant Director: Erfan Akbari, Consultant Media: Majid Bahrehmand, Photographer: Hossein Oliazadeh, Behind-the-scenes cameraman: Sanam Asadi, Production team: Fereydoon Jalali and Mohsen Yousefi.

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