Handsome Chauffeur Movie: Handsome Chauffeur: A vicious man seeking to seize his nephew’s fortune. After a series of adventures, the nephew, who suddenly became rich, after learning of his uncle’s financial situation, rushed to his aid and saved him from bankruptcy. Actors such as Homayoun, Filiz Akin, Amir Fakhreddin, Soraya Beheshti, Narges, Ali Kholousi and Nouri have played roles in the beautiful driver. In terms of the history of the activity of the director and actors of the beautiful driver movie, statistics and interesting points can be expressed. According to statistics, the beautiful chauffeur is the 18th activity of the actors in this work on average. Beautiful Chauffeur is the best work of Filiz Akin, Soraya Beheshti, Narges and Nouri in the acting profession. Also, Mahmoud Kooshan, the director of Khoshgoleh driver, has experienced his first collaboration with actors such as Homayoun, Filiz Akin, Amir Fakhreddin, Narges, Ali Khulusi, Nouri and Nazi in this work.

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