Bright Nights is the story of the lives of two lonely people. The man, a university professor, is socially disillusioned and a philosopher, and spends his isolation teaching literature, reading books, and wandering the streets. One night he finds a quiet girl and helps her get rid of the annoyance of a car driver. From here, friendship develops between him and Roya. Roya, according to the promise she made to her lover, Amir, came to the meal a year after the last meeting and wants to wait for Amir for four nights at a certain place and time. The master takes refuge in Roya and helps her find Amir. During these four days, there is a gradual attachment between Roya and the university professor. The master decides to marry Roya, but on the fourth night, Amir comes to the meeting place and Roya goes with him. The film tells the story of how the two characters met, became attached and separated from the language of a university professor.

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