Shiraz Nights movie: Kamran goes to work in a hotel in Shiraz, but there he is mistaken for a road and construction expert, and funny things happen after this mistake…. Fariba Naderi (born April 13, 1984 in Tehran) is an Iranian actress and the ex-wife of Massoud Rassam. Fariba Naderi was born in Tehran and has a brother. Naderi, who married Massoud Rassam, who was much older than him, at the height of his youth, said the marriage was done at his own discretion. After the death of his wife in 2009, he announced in an interview that he would never marry a TV or movie actor. He says about his wife: “I had a love life with Massoud Rassam and despite the age difference of twenty-seven years, I never felt a break in my life with him. Even his smallest words were instructive to me, and this is my best memory of him, whose vivid words I still remember.

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