Compromise: Javad is a young ace and a passerby who is in love with a girl named Batool, whose mother is ill. Javad goes to the house of a woman named Ziba with the intention of stealing to pay for the treatment and surgery of Batool’s mother, and there he finds out about a beautiful relationship with a man named Khalayeq, who is the head of the local association. Javad decides to extort money from the creators instead of stealing. The next day, Javad goes to the house of the creators and informs him of his request. The entire authority of the creators’ life is in the hands of his wife Badri, and he has trouble paying Javad. Javad stays in the house of the creators, and learns of his son’s illegitimate relationship with the big house, and gradually enters the lives of the creators’ rivals in the local association and confronts them one by one. Eventually, in the meeting of the association, Javad Mahal nominates himself as the president of the association, and after his candidate is elected, he forgets Batool, while he himself falls into a beautiful trap.

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