Samad Va Ghalicheyeh Hazrat E Soleyman

1971160 min,

Samad and the rug of Hazrat Suleiman: Archaeologist comes to Tehran in search of a pair of missing rugs from the “Victoria” Museum and goes to Deh Khai in pursuit of his research. In ten archeological professors, after his follow-up, he finds out that the carpet in Remenzel is “Samad” and goes to his house one night with a plan. But he does not find the rug there because Samad has sent the rug to his house to win Kadkhoda’s heart – because of Leila. The professor goes to Kadkhoda’s house another night, but there is no rug there either, because Leila sent the rug back to the house of Nene Agha (Samad’s mother) that day. After several adventures, he goes to the checkpoint and finally the truth is revealed.

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