Samad and Steel Armor: Samad (Parviz Sayad) burns the demon’s hair and the steel of the demon’s armor is saved from eight thousand years of captivity. The demon eats goat meat and the shepherd complains to Sarkar Ostovar (Abdul Ali Homayoun). The demon kidnaps Leila (Shahnaz Tehrani) for Samad, and Samad is arrested and imprisoned on a complaint from Kadkhoda (Reza Shafi). The demon saves Samad and takes him to the city. Samad and Dave set foot in the city of Marakeh and are questioned by the police for stealing two sheep carcasses. They are taken to a mental hospital, and two doctors (Jalal Moghadam and Farrokh Ghaffari) treat Samad and Div. The demon is caught by a well-to-do woman (Nouri Kasraei) who thinks that he has turned his steel armor into a hippie and young man from “Alamd”. Some time later, the woman leaves the demon and the steel armor, who was injured in a lawsuit, prefers to return to her mythical world. Samad also inevitably returns to his native village.

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