Hello Bombay is a romantic melodrama that tells the story of an Indian girl and an Iranian boy who are both medical students and are involved in complex events about the two young men. Benjamin Bahadori and his wife Shaili Mahmoudi have starred together for the first time in the movie Salam Bombay. After an acceptable sale, the Iranian filmmakers decided to make the second part of Salam Bombay with the participation of an Indian producer and new actors. This part is called Devil Girl and is produced by Ghorban Mohammadpour. This is the second joint production of Iran and India in the field of making great cinematic works. The film has been screened by Esteghlal Cinema since 11 Azar. Based on the table of mechanized sales of cinemas on the Cinematic site, Salam Bombay, after 2 days of release, it became one billion and broke the record for the fastest time to reach billion sales.

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