Dog Killing: An Iranian writer named Golrokh Kamali, who left her husband last year in a fit of rage and allegedly had a relationship with him and his company secretary, returns to Tehran at the end of the war and finds her husband, Nasser Moaser, bankrupt. He is going to prison. Golrokh finds out that Nasser’s partner, Javad Moghaddam, staged all the company’s capital and illegally left the country, leaving Nasser with all the company’s debts and the creditors’ pressure. Golrokh knows that in compensation for her misplaced suspicion, she will now rush to her husband’s rescue and try to free him from prison by trying to buy checks and prove his innocence, and to get the plaintiffs’ consent from her husband. Little by little, Golrokh enters the profession and the world that is miles away from his thoughts with simplicity; The world of market trading. He enters into debt with one of the creditors and the plaintiffs to obtain their consent from Nasser; And in this work it goes so far that….

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