Russian is a romance film that ends in tragedy. A man named Tomaj (played by Amir Aghaei) escapes from prison and goes to his wife (played by Tanaz Tabatabai). He later finds out that he has been raped. In the past, there was a romantic relationship between his wife and Yusuf (played by Milad Ki Maram) and Yusuf’s brother (played by Saber Abr) is a close friend of Tomaj and a kind of bridge between Yusuf and Tomaj Russian Russian (Amir)’s fourth film Amir Hossein Saghafi is my business after death, everything is for sale and the man who became a horse is the director. The Russian screenplay is written by the director in the social genre, and this is the second collaboration between Amir Hossein Saghafi and Saber Abar after all. This film was released in Iranian cinemas in August 2009 and sold for nearly 895,800,000 Tomans. The film has entered the home theater network by the First Art Institute and Safflower Media.

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