Rhino Season Movie Story: I return to the initial headline A woman’s foot is always involved Yes, and this time Manika Balochi or Mina’s film is involved این This part is for those who want to know nothing about the story, but I do not reveal it too easily. In fact, the story starts from the present and goes back to the flashback to the story 35 years ago and before the revolution… The story of the film is about a couple named Saleh (Behrouz Vosoughi) and Mina (Monica Baluchi) who love each other. 2 are among the Taqootis. Two lovers of the system before the revolution (of course, most of Mina’s father is Taqooti) have a driver family who loves Monica Baluchi and does everything to get Mina! Eventually, a revolution takes place and Saleh and Mina are imprisoned, and the story of Saleh’s life after his 30-year release follows Mina and, of course, revenge on the driver. And …..

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