Red Ribbon: Mahboubeh, a war-torn southern girl who lost her family in the war, returns to her father’s house, which now looks more like a ruin, to live there. Upon entering the area, he encounters a man named Dawood, who has been clearing the area of ​​landmines since the end of the war. Mahboubeh accidentally finds a tank under the rubble in her house and decides to sell it. He offers to sell his tank to an Afghan man named Juma, the guardian of the Tank Cemetery… Hatami Kia looks at love from a new perspective in this film and mixes it with war and destruction. In this film, Hatami Kia takes a symbolic look at Mahboubeh’s house and assumes that Iran is divided by red ribbons (used by the demolition group when clearing minefields); With these interpretations, it can be assumed that the Afghan Friday is also a symbol of the people of a country that is involved in the war and the only thing they have in common with Iran is the war.

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