Rehman (Saeed Agakhani) is a juicer of a company and the doctor has informed him that he will die soon. For this reason, the merciful think to benefit his family from his death; But he always faces bad luck. He and his friend Anoush (Bahram Afshari) are plotting so that Ashkan (Mohammad Reza Golzar), the son of the head of the company, will bring disaster on Rahman so that Rahman’s family can have a good life with money. But… About the director: Manouchehr Hadi is the wife of Yekta Nasser, an Iranian actor and model. After graduating, he entered the field of art and tried various jobs such as acting, assistant director and logistics. In 2006, he made his first film, “Turbulence”, and in the same year, he succeeded in making 4 other telefilms with the names “Last Day of the Moon”, “Accident”, “Tomorrow’s Opportunities” and “Unobtrusive Alley”. He was also responsible for writing them. His artistic backgrounds include directing films such as “Quarantine”, “Someone Wants to Talk to You”, “Life is Elsewhere” and “We Need a Simple Worker”. Manouchehr Hadi married Yekta Nasser on March 11, 2016.

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