The movie Walking on a Wire: A young man from the city who came to Tehran with his tambourine starts walking on a wire. Davood (Ahmad Mehranfar) knows nothing but playing the tambourine and on the other hand he cannot live in Tehran with the minimum wage of a simple worker. After a fruitless search in the market, he goes to his only acquaintance in Tehran. Habib is a lawyer and he can’t help a tambourine player much. Davood does not return from Habib’s house empty-handed. He finds the myth (Fooladvand thought). A girl with a chador upside down. The calm and simple-hearted David finds his other half in the legend. But the legend has another life. He is the mastermind and oracle of cricket rock music. His real personality is passionate, unrestrained and protesting, and he has a completely opposite appearance to his family context.

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