Paul Khoob plays a person named Shahab in the movie who has a fiancé and they have arranged their wedding. He does not have good financial conditions, so he enters into a business deal with his friend. But his friends conspire against him and raise all his money. His life becomes very difficult, he decides to take interest money, but he can not pay the installment, and… .. “The Dream Bridge”, which is the first cinematic experience of Octa Braheni, is an adaptation of the freedom story “Crime and Rewards” written by one One of the most famous writers in the history of literature is Fyodor Dostoevsky. In “Crimes and Rewards”, the reader can easily penetrate the mind of the main character of the story and look at the events through the lens of his mind. Dostoevsky was able to create a tangible and real world for the reader with his unique mastery. But “Dream Bridge” in this regard is enough only in the name of the work.

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