An octopus rules the castle from inside a cave. He uses “Bell Yes” to trap the deer and drink their body extract, but the deer escape the castle with a white-fronted plan. On the other hand, the mother of the white-fronted deer has returned to take the deer back from Salar, his stepfather, and the white-fronted deer wants to return to his mother because of the Salar’s resentment, but the story of the second film also tells the story of a terrible wizard named Octopus. To become it, you need to drink deer extract. The extract of the common deer he drinks lasts only a few days, and the octopus instructs the scientists about it to discover the secret to an eternal extract. It is discovered that the extract of the white-fronted deer (played by Terlan Parvaneh) is the only extract that can have a lasting and eternal effect, and here the octopus of its agents, including a person named Bell Yes, short-horned (played by Pejman Bazeghi) is looking for the deer. The forehead turns white. White Forehead 2 is a film directed, written and produced by Seyed Javad Hashemi, produced in 2017. This film is the second part of the octopus trilogy and the octopus sequel (white-fronted deer) and was released in Iranian cinemas on October 9, 2016. The sequel of this episode, called White Forehead 3, was made in 1397.

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