Hassan is angry. He has not been able to make a film for some time. Shiva Mohajer, her favorite star, is impatient and wants to work with other directors. His wife Goli no longer loves him. His daughter Alma has grown up and is now independent. Her mother is a neighbor, old and has almost lost her memory. An attractive intruder named Annie follows him wherever he goes and insists that Hassan bring him into the world of cinema. Worst of all, a city-wide assassin is killing Iranian film directors, but he has ignored Hassan. Hassan is upset: Isn’t he the most important filmmaker in this city? So why doesn’t the killer take it? When Hassan’s name is raised as the main suspect in the murder case on social media, the situation becomes unbearable. Now Hassan has to make a clever plan to restore his status. After being nominated for the best film category of international festivals four times, the pig finally won 3 statues worthy of the best make-up, the best costume design and the best soundtrack in the twentieth edition of the Iranian Cinema Festival. Slowly Mani Haghighi also won Best Picture and a Special Jury Prize for Pig from the 7th Greenland International Film Festival and the 13th Strasbourg European Fantasy Film Festival.

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