Brick Boys Movie: Brick Boys: Omid, Mohsen and Safa are street boys who grew up in a neighborhood called Ajri with the support of Mr. Atabaki. Hope for Mahour, the girl who taught him French, loses heart. After some time has passed since the relationship between the two, Omid goes to Mahour’s family to propose and is opposed by Mahour’s father, a trusted engineer. Trust is opposed, because he has no definite parental hope, and at the same time he has promised to marry a unique engineer living in Canada. Mahour and Omid are arguing with a trusted engineer that Mohsen, in order to flee the country, steals from an exhibition where he works, but is arrested and injured by his employer. Safa is also engaged to a girl named Maryam and is trying to get permission to hold a concert and release her album.

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