The movie One Millionaire and Two Bankrupts One Millionaire and Two Bankrupts: Amir Dabirzadeh goes to Ramsar to marry his cousin Mahboubeh. Aunt and daughter have been traveling for a few days. Dabirzadeh remains their perspective. Shahrzad, the singer of Ramsar Casino, follows a noble conversation and chooses Dabirzadeh, who is always in charge of books, for this purpose. Marriage can be related to him and that’s it. Nader decides to marry Shahrzad and divorce him after he falls in love. Shahrzad understands this on the wedding night and as a result does not allow Nader to reach his destination and the conflict between the two intensifies. Mansour, who is a lifeguard and collects money from this and that to divorce his wife, in the meantime takes money from both sides and makes news.

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