Movie without date, without signature: Dr. Kaveh Nariman (Amir Aghaei) crashes while riding a motorcycle with a family. The next day, at work in forensic medicine, he encounters a corpse that recognizes him but refuses to meet the family of the deceased. Vahid Jalilvand, after his first film, Wednesday, May 7, resumes making an Iranian film with The social issue is gone. This film narrates the confrontation of two classes of society that are very different in terms of economic and cultural status and are connected by an accident. We have seen the accidental knot in many films, including famous examples such as Amores Perros or Crash, whose essence is to link the destinies of different characters and spectrums with each other. In fact, an accident has the potential to act as a trigger for a movie and bring about an engaging context. It may also be fair to say that we see similarities between this film and the film Rare Separation from Simin. From the conflict between the weak and upper classes of society to the secrecy of the characters, which leads to the formation of the film’s suspension until the end. …

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