Profiles: Narrates the life of a young couple whose husband spends the last days of his life due to cancer, followed by a rivalry between the mother and the young man’s wife. The film is the story of love, the story of life and death, the story of confrontations, the story of love and affections; So rather than looking at the story, you should look for the manifesto and the form. The film is character-driven and not story-driven, the film is the film of the characters, from Mehran (Babak Hamidi) to Banoo (Roya Nonhali) and Jaleh (Sahar Dolatshahi). Analysis: The film is a confrontation between love and hate, war and peace, good and evil, love and being loved, and میان between these three people who, in addition to fighting with each other, are constantly fighting with each other. A young poet on the verge of death, a woman in love with him, and a mother in love who wants her son’s love to belong to him alone. A young man who likes to choose the future of others after his death, a wife who runs away from the future, and a mother who thinks she can save her son from death. The film pays more attention to the inner world of its characters than to the inner world.

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